Discover our Montessori workshops!


We offer Montessori educational workshops each wedsneday and during the school vacations !
pendant les vacances scolaires

Introduce your children to English or French while working in a
Montessori environment

De 3 à 10 ans !

On Wednesday Renseignements et inscription: 

Et pendant les vacances scolaires !

  • Du 23 au 27 octobre 2023
  • Du 19 au 23 février 2024
  •  Du 15 au 19 avril 2024
  • Du 8 juillet au 2 août 2024

Opening hours: 9 a.m./12 p.m. – 1:30 p.m./4:30 p.m.
Possibility of lunch on site (lunch box)
Lieu : Ecole Junior Academy
24 avenue Jean Jaurès – 69 600 OULLINS


Programme pour les 3-6 ans

Your children evolve in an environment prepared for them, and are guided by two educators, trained Montessori in order to allow them to develop and refine their senses, to practice their fine motor skills, to progress gradually towards reading and writing as well as mathematics through our learning areas:

  • Practical life

  • Sensory

  • Language

  • Mathematics

  • Practice of French and English

Programme pour les 6-10 ans :

Vos enfants vont s’approprier les concepts mathématiques, la grammaire et la conjugaison, la géographie et l’anglais grâce à des activités concrètes, sensorielles et ludiques. Des activités motrices sont proposées pour répondre au besoin de mouvement des enfants.

Thanks to Montessori pedagogy and its sensory scientific material, we can review and deepen the notions seen at school in a playful and sensory way through the concrete.

Through this process, the child develops his self-confidence!

Tarifs* :

Half day 25€

Full day 45€

Price: €200 per week (€100 for 3-year-olds: mornings only)

*-5% pour les fratries 

Registration request by email or by phone :